Crazy Thoughts
2001-11-02 17:23:38 (UTC)

Today was a nice wonderful half..

Today was a nice wonderful half day of school followed by a
splendid lunch with Libby. I did nothing at all today in
school. I made a "new friend" though, actually he just hit
on me, I told him to fuck off and went to talk to Blake
about this stupid little thing he said to me yesterday. But
anyhow the kid that hit on me, his name is Dan, and he
draws the Planter's Peanuts guy non-stop (he's very
obessive) I had to sit next to him the following hour, my
teacher deprived me of my prerogative of moving on the
other side of the room, I was pissed. By the end of class
he wasn't annoying, but he put a note in my purse, it said:
Dan (his last name)
Hot Kid's s/n
(and then his s/n)
I was like okay... when I saw it in my bag. He's probably
gonna stalk me now, what a weird guy.
Anyways, Cooker came up to me today and started to rub my
back while I was talking to Welch. It wasn't that
noticable, but I stepped to the side because I was a little
freaked out. A million things were running through my mind
though, I was freaking out on the inside while trying not
to draw anyone elses attention. I know fo sure that Cooker
definently wants me, but as ironic as it all is, I don't
want him back. A couple years ago, he hated me, now he
wants to get on me, I find that a little odd. It's kind of
like the little ruler incident (Crak ho, yous be knowin
what I be talkin-hehe) Last year, this asshole slapped me
in the ass with a plastic ruler, and he told that I was a
fucking bitch before he did so and then he tried to get on
me later on at his party along with some other guy I don't
like, and then this OTHER guy groped me. It was the most
uncomfortable situation I'd ever been in, but that was a
long time ago. No wonder I'm so strange, I've been
tramatized too many times.
I really wish I just lived down in Kansas, then I probaly
wouldn't have this problem because I'd have Wesley, and the
probably don't have as many fucked up people as we do here.
I don't like the fact that all these guys try to get on me,
or hit on me, because I don't like it anymore. I used to
think it was kind of funny, but after the third time
something of the sort happened, I lost the humor in it. I
WANT WESLEY AND ONLY WESLEY. How crystal clear is that? I
don't know what it is with me, I honestly mean it. I don't
think I'm the prettist with the best body out there, or
even close to that. There are many other girls that surpass
what I have, and I could care less. What unfamthomable
problem I have is why? why the hell me?? errr... I used to
think of all of it as a good thing, that i was nice person
that several individuals liked, boy was I wrong, it's
called raging hormones with a little bit of vodka and weed
thrown in, on the rocks. Just shoot me please! I need to go
take a nap, I'm getting a headache and I have diving soon.
I hate diving on Fridays...errrr...then I have to babysit
:-(, I also have practice as 6:30 in the fucking morning
tomorrow. Thank goodness conference is on Thursday, and i
get to miss school!
Oh, before I go, I'm kind of scared about the anthrax they
found down in Kansas City, all my family lives down there!
The thing is, it got there because a letter that had
anthrax leaked out the shit and it all got onto the
equipment that sorts the mail in dc. Well letters comming
for dc to KC that had the anthrax spores on it got all the
antrhrax spores on the equipment in the kc post office.
Eventually anthrax spores will show up in every post
office. BUT it takes at least 2000 spores of anthrax to get
you sick, so the possibilities of getting it or slim. If
you live down in KC, and you're kind of spastic about it,
then spray your mail with lysol (the outside, you just have
to mist it) and wash your hands, but you probably wouldn't
get it, and even if you do then it's easy to cure, so don't
Until later,