My rather boring life
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2001-11-02 16:32:32 (UTC)

I overslept!

I woke up at 10:56 this morning. I must have been really
really tired. It's very rare that I sleep past 9:30. I'm
hungry. I ate like 9 hours ago, but I'm still hungry. Maybe
I'll stop and get something on the drive home. I've gotta
go home today. I need new lenses for my glasses. This
should prove to be interesting. I have an hour and a half
drive to make. I usually take Krista with me. She's my
friend. She lives about 10 minutes away from me. We went to
high school together. But she's being picked up by her
cousin or something. Anyway, yeah. I'm tired, I can't see,
and I have to sit in traffic. Aren't you glad I'm a patient
person? ^_^

I think I've been more social this week than I have been
all year. I think anime club is the best thing that's ever
happened to me. I told Bill that. Remember Bill? He's my
therapist. Anyway, it's really nice to be surrounded by
people just like you. They're a very nice bunch of people.
Although we're called an anime club, we're more like a "we
love all things geeky" club. In a general survey of group
interest, this is what we all like:

Anime (duh)
Video games (mostly fighting)
Japanese culture
Monty Python
Dice and paper games (D&D,AD&D, etc...)
Role play (live action, video game)
Magic the Gathering
Dirty dirty dirty humor

They also have a thing for picking on me because I'm so
quiet. It's not mean or anything, I guess it's just
something to get me to talk once in a while ^_^

Oh for the love of Kami, it's Hubba Hubba Zoot Zoot again!
It's such a catchy song. The words make no sense. it's
somehting like "Hubba hubba zoot zoot, hebba hooba zat zat
a yum yum." It's really really ummm.... different. It's
hell if you get it stuck in your head. Then you start
humming it in class, or worse, you sing it. Then people
look at you like you're on crack. Everyone should be
exposed to it at least once. If you're interested, it's
called "Hubba Hubba Zoot Zoot" by Caramba. If you can't
find it, leave a message and I can email it to you or

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