2001-11-02 16:22:39 (UTC)


I am in a much better mood now than i was this morning. YOu
see, i was invited to this company dinner for my boyfriends
work but ended up getting grounded from it because i didn't
have all the money for my $51.75 phone bill. My boyfriend
offered to pay and then i could pay him back if i wanted
but my mom wouldn't let him. So now its a friday night and
i can't go anywhere except to a football game at my school.
But my good mood is because i just finished the hardest
part of a test i am taking in the web design/computer
programming class i am in at TBA. It feels great to have
that out of the way and done. I only have one part left and
it shouldn't be too hard. All i have to do is program a
calculator to calculate fat grams and calories. The easy
stuff for a punk/goth who is also not afraid to admit that
she is a computer nerd. Well, ta ta for now!