The Life of Me
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2001-11-02 16:20:03 (UTC)


You know when you really think about it this writing your
thoughts thing is very theraputic. It’s kind of like what
the character Carrie Bradshaw does on the show “Sex and the
City”. Well I got my acceptance letter in the mail this
morning. I’ve been accepted by the a local accounting
school to take their Ceritification Program. Yes yours
truly is going to be Accountant some day. People are going
to trust me with their financial information. This time I
better not screw it up like I did University. This time
I’m ready. After two years of working at some pretty
shitty jobs that I never really wanted to do in the first
place, it’s time I kick myself in the ass and get to work.
Okay I’ll be honest, the jobs weren’t all that bad, I just
didn’t take them seriously enough. Since being put on
academic suspension in 1999, I’ve learned a lot about
myself and about life. For the last two years, I think
I’ve been trying to do some soul searching, and learning
about who I really am, and what makes me me. And I’m
greatful that my mother put up with me while I did my soul
searching. Over the last couple of years I’ve learned who
my true friends really were and who really cared about me.
I remember back in grade 12 when my english teacher gave
the class one of the toughest assignments that I ever had
to do. The assignment was to think of 100 goals that we
wanted to accomplish in our lifetime and put them on a
poster. The posters were then laminated so that they could
be preserved. She told the class to keep them and as we
went through life, check off each thing as we accomplished
them. Sounds easy? Think again. Well okay maybe it was
easy for some people, but not for me. Back in grade 12 I
wasn’t thinking about the future; only the present. I was
nothing but a pimple faced teenager with no identity. Back
in High School, I was thought of as the school looser. I
just went to school and performend my duties as school
loser. In case you’re not familiar with the duties of
school loser, they consist of, but not limited to: letting
classmates verbally abuse you at their conveinience,
throwing all hopes and dreams of ever being something out
the window, and only speak when spoken too. Follow those
simple rules and you don’t get your ass kicked on the way