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2001-11-02 16:01:37 (UTC)

yay for communism

been a while hasn't it.
there's a reason. ... multiple actually. i'll start the

1. i've gone psychotic. it's beyond insanity. and it's not
always a good thing.

2. Ralph is dying. i tried installing XP - it didn't work.
gothie's gonna try and fix it this weekend. if i don't get
ralph back after that... that would be bad for surrounding

3. i'm slipping back into my depression ... again. that's
a subject i won't even go into. i just don't discuss that.
i think that's just about it for the major reasons.

gods, homicide is becoming sooooooooo appealing.

did i mention that nimmda is back in wally's computers. We
found it today and i think it's broken gothie. she'll live.
she always does. (she does this with a rather large amount
of swearing and whimpering though...)

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