my so called life
2001-11-02 15:33:44 (UTC)

JAY :)

Oh, I'm so happy right now.. yesterday was great and this
day has been perfect and it'll probably get even better..
If that's possible :)
Got a 6- on my maths-test! :) No one in my class did better
than me. JAY JAY JAY
Then after school I went to the mall with Ben, he hasn't
got himself a coustume for the halloweenparty tonight yet.
He bought this silly wig and some face-paint.. He's gonna
look SO stupid! lol
The halloweenparty's tonight.. I can't wait.. (yeah, I
know, Halloween was this Wednesday, but the party is
tonight since Wednesday was a schoolnight).
I've made this bat-costume, I look stupid, but it's cool.
I'm so happy right now.. Hihi :)
I'm just going to smile for a while then hit the shower..
Take care!! :)