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2001-11-02 15:23:13 (UTC)


Have you ever heard the saying "What they don't know
wont hurt them?" Well, if you ask me that is an entirely
false statement. If you live your life by that general
rule, you are bound for dissapointment and probably in for
a lot of heart-ache. I recently did something for pure
pleasure, with that thaught in mind. I knew that if people
knew what I was doing, many people (including myself) would
be hurt. But, what they don't know wont hurt them, right?
Well, I am not a God. I can't always control or know what
other people know about.
I learned this for myself the other night when I was
informed that the people I was trying to keep my little
secret plearures from knew what I was up to the whole time.
They were very hurt by my actions, and I was very
dissapointed by my own ignorance. I couldn't believe I had
been so naive as to think that they wouldn't know. By being
selfish, and only thinking of my own pleasure (and not the
consequences), I hurt people I care very much for. And, in
the long run I lost a lot.
I am a serious optimist, and try to find the good in
every situation. In this, many people, including myself,
were hurt. But, if nothing else, I learnd a valuable
lesson. Don't live thinking that what they don't know wont
hurt them. It will. If you live your life expecting it to
be broadcast, maybe you will make smarter decisions and
save a lot of people from unnecessary pain. I hope that
maybe you can learn from my mistakes as well. Thank you for
visiting. Please feel free to share any comments or
oppinions you may have.