Ode to a psycho!HA!
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2001-11-02 14:42:20 (UTC)


Alright, here it goes. Nick regnier (pronounced "wren-yay")
I've probably known who he was my who life. One of those
people who you see all through elementary, and middle school,
but never necesarily go up and talk to. ya know? Well, I
finally met him when I was going out with Nick Patterson. To
keep things not as confusing I'll refer to nick regnier as
regnier. Anyway, now that Nick is being a real ass I've begun
to get closer to regnier,and I see him more and more. despite
the fact that regnier and nick have remained really good
friends. but the closer me and regnier get. the wierder nick
acts!! I haven't called nick in probably 3 months, but on
Halloween Racine, and regnier and Billy Parker asked me to
come trick or treating with them. I had some recording to get
done first, but I said sure, and failed to get regniers
number. So that night I calle Nick to get Regniers number, he
wasn't quite sure if he remembered it right so he asked his
(fraternal) twin brother Matt to be sure ( Matt is also
really good friends with regnier, and better looking than
nick I think, but their both good people) Matt told nick the
number, and then asked why he wanted to know. Nick said "Oh,
no reason" I was like ummmmm ok. So matt proceeds to pick up
the phone, and ask again, why did you need regniers number??
Nick says as soon as matt picked up phone, don't say
anything!!!! So of course, I Do say something. That's
bullshit why cant he tell his brother that he needs the
number for me?? So I call regnier, and we all get together,
and the night was over all pretty fun. except, regnier was
acting a little awkward. he held my hand for a little, which
was weird in itself. but then he let go of my hand just as
quickly, like he changed his mind about something. but he's
always like that one min hes hey lets all go have giant orgy,
and the next he's like I'm going home to play video games. I
don't understand him. I feel awkward too, because I like him,
as somone to hang out with and go get pizza with, but i don't
know if I can like him anymore than that because of nick
being so wierd. and I don't understand that, because I DON'T
HAVE FEELINGS FOR NICK ANYMORE!!!!!!!!!!! I don't understand,
and i hate what nick is doing to make it so awkward for me
and everyone around us to hang out with one another. Regnier,
Matt, Marvin, Katie ( nicks current girlfriend whom I used to
be good friends with, and there are still no ill feelings
between us, it's just wierd) Amanda, and so many others.....

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