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2001-11-02 13:53:55 (UTC)


Have you ever realized that there is a difference
between "knowing" something, and actually knowing
something? I mean, think about it. 1000 years ago, we knew
the world was flat. What will we know tomorrow? For
example, I have a friend who is going through what I am
going to call "a stage" right now. He is 18 yrs. old, and
taking these caffine pills called yellow jackets. Now,
these pills are a great thing (when used properly). He goes
to school plus works, not to mention a very active social
life. So, these pills give him the energy to make it
through the day. The problem is, he had only been averaging
about 18 hours of sleep a week lately. He had been taking
these pills for about a month now regularly. I have told
him many times (i have already been through this stage
myself) that eventually, his body had to catch up with him.
And, that at the rate he was going, when it did, it was
going to hit him hard. He just said, "I know!" and
continued on.
Well, he came to me the other day, after being up for
three days strait, and told me that he had started to see
things. He was actually tripping out due to the mixture of
caffine, and lack of sleep. He dozed of behind the wheel of
his truck, and almost killed himself. I had warned him a
million times, and he knew. But now he knows.
You see, you can know something one moment, then
something happens, and you see that situation with new
eyes. Then you really know. So, take a minute and do me a
favor, think about what you know. Then ask yourself a
question. "What will I know tomorrow?" Do you really know
what you really know? I was glad that my friend learned
this lesson before it was too late. And I hope that maybe
next time you say, "I know!" you will remember this and
think about what you really know before it is too late.
Wishing all the best! Stay safe, and visit again.