Censored For Your Pleasure
2001-11-02 11:57:13 (UTC)

All I ever seem lately is cry...

All I ever seem lately is cry. Everything just seems to be
getting worse and worse and i can't stand it. I hate this
feeling that I get. And then no one cares and it hurts
even more so. If someone does bother I'm likely to push
them away. Not always actually, only a few ppl. But still,
the others don't talk to me much. It's funnt, the people
who i do tell stuff. Most of then are "a fuck" in certain
peoples words, but I dun care, they're nice to me. But
they would never do the same with me, no one would ever
want to talk to me. I'm not one who's good at anything
like that and everyone has someone better to talk to.
Someone who's important. I guess I should just get over
the fact that I'm nothig and put up with life but I don't
want to, i don't want to be nothing anymore.