Realizations of a 24yr old convict
2001-11-02 11:53:06 (UTC)

four angels

Been writting new stuff latley and it feels good
storys falling toward greek tragitys. You know always the
love and the everyone losses in the end storys.
Ever get that creepy feeling where everything just falls
right into place every aspect of every detial of life just
falls where it should be,its that moment where things years
in the works and other things new things just fit prefect
this is really about four girls girls in my life.
its the point where you smile and think to your self am I
really that good.and its also the point where you know
somthings going to break. this is truley the only day Ill
ever feel this good with these girls half way there with
all of them.the point where everything is possable with them
now over the course of the next few days or months things
will become less, realization of who they really are,
finding out to much,mabe a fight,losing one to this or that
who knows but today is perfect four angels in my life
wanting to be part of it.

This isnt about game or stupid player bullshit thats not
what Im about.
Its about a girl 500 miles away the only person i can say I
love you to.a girl who saved me and a girl since the day I
saw her 13 years old on the pourch of my boys house knew
she was everything.A girl who Ive known for years and even
though she knows how I feel could never bring myself to
who I knew had to grow and feel lifes pain and first love
with out me. because when its all said and done she will be
real and have had a life as I have lived one and then
somday mabe just friends forever but I think not I could
really spend my life with her making her happy.She just got
a cold issue of life and I think in everyones eyes shes
fucking up.She said Id be disappointed when she was about
to speak,but I wasnt I knew her and I knew this would come
she had to has to do this and as bad as it sounds Im glad
for her and happy its now and not five years from now
I love her to death and am not disappointed actully Im
kinda proud. scarry to think how well I know her or mabe
just how well I know life its probly a little of both.
Next is one I just happened apon this ture angel who I
spoke of before inocent and unreal when she speaks one who
intriges me so, she made an action that charmd me to the
soul and all things good in me, a rememberance of what my
first love was like that is also scarry.
third, a young one Ive never met and how she climbed into
this list on this day one shall never know but she has my
heart she is my friend. she like the first will never
disappoint me she may belive and may be told by people
around in the future that she to is fucking up but darling
belive me you will live this life YOUR life your jorney and
in the end. Youll smile and be satisfied by the storys you
have just be strong and keep the hope and remember Ill be
the last but most apon the mind a tricky one, one I was
trying to avoid but want to have and know in my life.
the one person in this hick town who has what know one else
can seem to get my attention. The only one in this town
Ive seriously thought about. Ring on her finger leaving me
to stray but then one day vanished to leave me in amasment
to think what a fool he was and wish mercy on his soul for
the mistake hed made.The days passed with out words spoken,
then like seasons days changed as leaves in atum to
shamless flirting.and today with cold days apon us and
winter closing in an oppertunity passed on, strong in my
nature, always the Samauri,left with out knowning Id
already lost
the fatel blow already struck. as the blood leaked so did
the thoughts and one reoccuring, the fool who I know must
live in the regret of his choices and the loss of her.
Had I also just made,had I chose the same fate,
Returning baring gifts knowing shed won, how? know one can
speak to this, her magic strong , to gain even this
over the samauri as no one here has yet to do proves her