Charm's World
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2001-11-02 10:47:38 (UTC)

another day

hie..sorry for not loging in for so many days...i infact
forgot the add for this page..hehe...supposed to be org but
i typed com....

well its a hot day...well i didnt study a lot but have to
speed it was so boring...very very boring..looking
back at something that u have know...:P

my honey lost his job gain....aiii ...he he
is at home...doing nothign..:P
very very boring i bet..but i m going to finish my exam i will be lik ehim as well...

well i really wish i can go home as early as possible..i
really wish..but there is not air ticket available for
me...wat a time....y does all ppl going to malaysia???

well i m going on very well with my housemates...these
dayss..and i hope we will be like that forever..hahah no
chance duh...coz i m going back to my family in 2 months

i really miss them and miss malaysia..especially my
honey..i have not seen him for so long....:P

alrite..see ya
have a nice study time!

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