2001-03-17 17:33:33 (UTC)

Hey! Wat s up! My name is..

Hey! Wat's up!
My name is samantha and is 12 years and from chicago. I have
two sisters and one brother. my sisters are 9 and 11 and my
brother is 6. I have blackish-brown hair. i am cute and very
sweet but sensitive. i love Ashley Parker Angel (from
O-Twown), Justin Timberlake, Nick Carter, NIck Lachey, and
Freddie Prinze Jr. They are all hot especially Ashley Parker
Angel! the guys i like from school is Richard Kav., Richard
Fern, Michael Ortega, and also Juan Rodriguez. my friends
think i am obsessed with juan but is very not true. i only
like him a lot and also think he is hot. that is all i think
of him. well i g2g so i'll talk to ya laytors!