2001-11-02 10:20:00 (UTC)


pretty coupla thing goin on..

got thru p10 and spoke to daniel on air. asked what my
fantasy was, and i said it with almost 50 000 listeners
listenin in. pretty cool huh? shld check out wat i-said.
made daniel turned *red*

os in a coupla days more.. brains startin to die on me.
hungry! cravin tahu goreng! its ok! i can take it!

wat else, wat else.. oh .. went to coffee club again.. meet
de regular guys der.. cocoa mocha for me!

been pretty chilly ..down in de weather.. cold, setting me
back study schedules for a few days.

uh, wat else.. oh. nah.its ok.
i dont wanna talk abt it.


ps: zouk out is nearing. drats. why couldnt i be born