My rather boring life
2001-11-02 08:39:45 (UTC)

late night

It's 3:17 in the morning. I just got back to my room about
45 minutes ago. Where was I? Well, at first I was at anime
club. Then a bunch of people left to go play tekken. So it
was down to 7 of us. We 7 took a 2-door car and a truck to
WalMart, Kroger, and Wafflehouse. I do believe this is the
first time I've ever stayed out this late with a group of
people. I love college ^_^ I'm usually not very sociable.
When I was first asked to go with them, I declined. After
much begging, pleading, bowing at my feet and kissing of my
ass, I reluctantly accepted ^_^ At WalMart, we all made
asses of ourselves by acting out all the Monty Python we
could. At kroger, we made asses of ourselves by pelting
Andrew's "spell" bag at each other. the spell bag is a
little pouch filled with Kami knows what. You throw it at
people for live action role play. You throw it at someone,
you've casted your spell. Does that make any sense? It's
not important that it does. All yo uneed to know is that 7
people between the ages of 18 and 23 were running up and
down the aisles of a grocery store at midnight trying to
cast spells at each other. After that, we went to
Wafflhouse and had a great time. we tried to fit 7 people
in a booth meant to fit only 4 adults.

At WalMart, we played around with the X Box. At first I was
very skeptical about the X Box. It's like, Oh great, woo
hoo Microsoft put out a $500 chunk of crap. I saw the
preview for Halo, and my opinion changed very quickly. I
drooled as I stared at the screen. I wanted to make sweet
love the Halo poster, but I didn't ^_^

At Wafflehouse (sorry for switching topics back and forth
so much!) we were talking about curses. Andrew threw a good
one at Brian:

"You will have only daughters, and they will all marry men

Brian then decided that all his daughters would not be
alloted to date until they were 40 ^_^

It's strange how quickly my mood fluctuates.

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