Brave Murder Days
2001-11-02 08:38:33 (UTC)

Tonight's decision

Why the fuck am I writing in here? I think I want someone
to understand, but I'd swear all of you are fucking
stupid. Not just girls, or guys, or people at the job, and
I KNOW the local scene here is absolute SHIT, but damn, I'm
absomotherfuckinglutely convinced that not one damn
intelligent human being is left on this earth!

I think the only reason people have survived this long is
because they're just brutal enough to kill off the things
that should have eaten them centuries ago. We shouldn't
fucking be here, not a one of us. We aren't worthwhile, we
don't accomplish anything. There's no meaning in this, and
no good to come of it. THis is our shit, our hole, our lot
in life. We're at the top of the food chain, how's it
fucking feel? In the land of the blind, the one-eyed
bastard is GOD fuck him AND his one eye. I'm sick of all
of these sappy patronizing people trying to talk to me
becuase they want my money, or sex, or just a nice
emotional crutch,

fuck you all

If people would just admit how selfish their true nature
is, maybe they'd see that mutual benefits can be gained
through honesty, without the obstacle of petty bullshit

It may have been cute in high school, dear, but it's
getting right old now.

At any rate, fuck you, and thank you for listening to me.

May you be brutally violated by an 8-dicked walrus every
night from now until the end of eternity.