this is my life
2001-11-02 08:16:53 (UTC)

:::the breakup:::

i did it.
we were together for about 2 months.
he was so into me.
the relationship was lop-sided.
at this time in my life, i am not in the right state of
mind for a serious relationship. in the past 3 years, ive
only had 4 months single. i am 19 years old.
i feel absolutely awful.
i cannot cause someone pain like that and not cry. when i
broke up with him, he said "i love you so much" my heart
sank to my stomach when i heard that, it sucks so bad.
i hate this feeling. i wish i was numb but i'm not. i know
how it feels to get hurt like that because it happened to
me with fratboy.(see previous entries)

dramamine by modest mouse

velveeta shells and cheese and halloween candy