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2001-11-02 03:58:28 (UTC)

Street of Rage II - when honour couldn't be won by proud

Today was a nice day with sunshine.
I dream about my friend as a child as baby and than a
butterfly. I carry all those. It means she needs help.
It was when I waked up early morning.
In streets same hour people make riot. I notice envy, hate,
and madness. People was using other to get bad prizes.
I put my self between two misunderstandings friends while
false friends was laughing at death end would be. I got
all beats of some friend of me to avoid she to hit another.
It would make discution flies over the talking. False
friends revealed as enemy. I hope my truly friends see who
they really are. I saw who said was friend of two branches
of friends be omissive to make peace. Who prefered the war
than to unite two groups. Some enemies made it. With envy,
hate and rumours and lies and hypocrisis. It last worst
because most people are so proud to admit that are not so
smart or experient. Prefer to believe and act with lies
than face truth.
For me honour is everything but live. I couldn't let friends
fight each other while enemies was laughing. I put myself
between like a mother cat did to save her children. I might
crawl enemies as too. I could not realize who friend I was
if can't save friend from themselves.
If you are intelligent and graduated you could believe proud
is everything than life.
I save a picture of 05:55 p. m. gmt -3 of a perfect Springer
sunset. There was feats of cotton flying in front sun. I
could hear some music made of sunlights and wind throughout
the leafs of tree eucaliptus.
I like 118 or 119 Salm about to be with God law is truth
over all enemies.
Tomorrow or second November is the Day of Deads a religious
date where we homage memories of beloved people gone to
Street of Rage from Wednesday to Thursday and the living
dead false friends are defeat by what a love can forge a
honour man with true.