Dev Sibwar

My frustrations.
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2001-11-02 06:44:10 (UTC)

Golden Galaxy was OK.

Well, I just got back from the almighty Golden Galaxy and
Tymdast was laughing the whole damn time. Jeez...I thought
it was lame. Well, I take that back. The gateway was pretty
cool. I mean, it let our World Planet in. Dad was fired up
about the damn schedule. "Shit, you can't harvest black
holes when you're in the Golden Galaxy." Ya Dad, I know

I did pick up some authentic mathcubes. The old style, of
course. They won't function on current interfaces, but
they're nice collectibles. Ah well, I've been to the Golden
Galaxy, so I can brag the great walloping hell all about it
now. I can't wait to tell Grewst and Yustrik all about it.
I actually feel sorry for them. Their World Planet doesn't
even have instant displacement. Sucks being them. But
they're my friends and pretty cool too.

I don't even feel sorry for the local cluster that lost
all the planets. Were the sentients even evacuated? Who
knows. Who cares. There's more species than cosmic dust
particles. Losing several million won't make a difference.
I have to admit, the idea is good. But what happens when it
fills up? Obviously, people a lot smarter than me designed