It smells like poop over here
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2001-11-02 06:42:04 (UTC)

I think I'm done bitchin about my ex

This should be the last thing i write about andrea. I'm
just gonna try to whip her outta my life. last sunday, we
had already broken up, and i was talking to her online. she
keeps telling me all this stuff like, "your the only guy
for me" "your the only guy i wanna be with" " i want you to
be the father of my children" and crap like that. the next
day, she has a new bf, and a new attitude. i get this email
telling me that she's moved on, she loves her new bf, and
to leave her alone. so i reply, saying ill leave her alone,
and that im gone forever. i also added, "not like you ever
loved me anyway". she replied, "if you ever wanna try us
again, don't hesitate to call me." and this last part, "i
may not have loved you like you wanted me to, but that
doesn't mean i didn't love you with all i had..." That
really stuck with me. very powerful. i never really, truly
believed that she did love me, i just didn't see why she
would. but for some reason, i believe her now. however, im
not sad or wishing i had her back.
I missed being single, just hanging out with my friends
and doin whatever i wanted. but now i have that, but now i
want to be in love again, and knowing that i have someone.
i went to a concert, New Found Glory, today with my friend,
Laura. i kept seeing all these couples, and the guy would
be holding his gf from behind, with his hands on her
stomach. or she would be leaning against him, and his hand
would be just below her waist. or he would just rest his
hand on her back or shoulder. i miss being able to do that.
it's rather wierd i think, the guy is always touching the
girl, and she doesn't seem to mind, but if a girl did that
to a guy, he'd get all uncomfortable, at least i would. i
think that's all i have to add for now. thanks. btw, i was
jut listening to "run" by collective soul. a great song.