lindsay ann

somewhere in between
2001-11-02 06:19:38 (UTC)

2 more things...

hey if anyone else in the study reads this, be sure to read
your chapter. it will change your life. or maybe just
your day, but it's a good thing. ahh it takes me serious
effort to be happy (boo) but i think i'll make it. ahh the
whole peaks and valleys thing of life?? this is one crazy
valley, i tell ya.

but psalm 73:25-26 is really encouraging. look it up if
you need some of that. i think i'm gonna paint it on my
wall...tell me if you think it's a good one. or if you
have another one, email me so that i can get good ideas cuz
yeah i'll have to live with this verse staring at me for 2
and a half years. eek!!

oh the other thing...i had a major victory today. i
finally got my family to agree to try the no TV thing. (i
showed my mom the TLYAW chapter as like my 10th piece of
evidence so she gave in) yes i know it's just one more
thing that makes me weird, but i just wanna see how a week
w/o TV will be. i personally think it will be cool cuz i
am sick of being influenced and tempted by all the pafoo i
see on television. whatever. i just don't know how my mom
& bro will survive without it. heh heh. my goal is to get
the beast kicked out of the house (yeah the TV is the

ok so check ya later.

ps...was that more than 2 things?? i think so.

pps...has anyone seen benny??? ohmygosh i've been missing
him for like 2 months and it's KILLIN!!