Colette*s Diary
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2001-11-02 05:53:12 (UTC)

Nov. 2, 2001----12:47 AM

Hi this is my first Entry... And um lets see... Here is
whats going on in my life now a days... I have the best
life with the greats friends and Finally someone came into
my life that I love and Trust with all my heart! Myke
Yarger! :) Thats my sweetheart! I am 17 years old, Blonde,
Green-green eyes and about 110... I am a Sr. in high school
adn alot has changed since I got to high school... In Jr
High I was a cheerleader and a good girl... Since then I
have fucked 12 different Guys, been drunk at least 5 days
out of the 7 in every week... I get high EVERY nite *have
to* I have Tripped 4 times and Rolled 6... And Extacsy is
the best drug in the world just so everyone knows! :) Its
the greatest feeling I ever had! haha... And my best friend
are Shana, Toller, Vallee, Patrick and Dani and Boni and of
course my brother Ben... I love them all.. But hey I will
write more tomorrow sorry this entry was so boring but its
late and I am burnt out so I GOTTA GO! Peace out!