Beautiful Smiles///Forbidden Tears
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2001-11-02 05:33:31 (UTC)

I Must Be

I must be free
I must be alive
I must be dreaming

I am alone
I am happy
I am crazy

Flying high
As high as I want
No boundaries
Just me,
the wind
the sky

The sun glowing warmly on my back
The heat drives me further
Dreams are only in the mind
Aren't they?
Or are they tangible?

Don't look for physical solutions to what only the mind can
What of the heart?
Is the heart not important?

Is love not the water with which dreams' flowers are

In a dream, is a smile really a smile?
Or is it merely imaginary light bending into a visible
If you weep, do tears flow down your face?
Or do you only recognize the sensation should be there and
put it there to satisfy your imagination?

No, no. Happy thoughts.

be a dreamer. not a thinker.

Be unique, be yourself.
Be one of the crowd?
That's not right.

But everyone dreams, do they not?
Whether they remember?
Whether they realize?
Whether they care?
Whether they believe?
Does not each brain make us seem images without our eyes?

Stop that. Be a different kind of dreamer.
Dream what you want.
Don't let others dictate what that is.
Be strong.
Be free.

I must be...dreaming...