Schmarmish Blaffle
2001-11-02 05:10:19 (UTC)

I Egged Farvelschmider.

Current mood- tired.
Current music- Son of a Gun by Janet Jackson

So, what am I thinking about today? Not much. I know- it's
a shock to the masses and all. I'm tired from practice, but
me and Sam got a lot done on our duet! Jen, being the
*wonderful* coach that she is, will probably change the
whole thing to somthing that is horrably ugly and hoplessly
stupid. And speaking of hopelessly stupid:

Donia's bugging me since Halloween. After we were done
taking Drew and Mackie TorTing, we were sitting around
talking, and she some how figured out that I still like the
same guy that I liked at the end of grade 7. Now she will

Dammit- I never thought I would sink so low as to gush over
a guy. So... I won't. All I can say is that he looks like
Ron Weasley, in an odd sort of way. What is it with me and
tall readheads? Anyway, I'm not gushing. I don't even know
why I like him, actually- we haven't talked in like, 2
years. It's just that sort of pathetic "crush from afar"
thing. DAMMIT. I hate this. I make fun of people that do
this! It's not me! Argh...

Oh well. It's not like anything would ever happen with it
anyway, but she still keeps bringing him up, and he's Amy's
neighbor so it always comes up in conversation because
she "hates him," but somthing makes me think that she likes
him, because she talks about him a LOT.

So. This is what I'm thinking about. How very, very, very