hello kitty cat
2001-11-02 04:12:50 (UTC)

It's caught me in the spotlight...

So today I talked to Sam..and it was soo good. I miss
talking to him. He really is a super cool guy. I'm glad we
can be friends after all that. You shouldn't waste things
like that...there are only so many people you connect with.
I didn't get to see Jason today..but that's OK. He tried
out for a band today, he wants to sing. He is such a good
writer. I'm sure he did well. He always does.
Everyone seems so out of confusion. Shonee
wrote me an email that said he was ready to move down
here and I like flipped out I was all happy and I
ran to the phone and called Jason..and he was like..Kelly
I'm trying out for a band..and I was like.I KNOW I KNOW BUT
SHONEE! LOL..I'm a super dork! I'm happy..Alex is going to
be so happy..they are going to be so happy..and it will be
good to have happy people and shonee! yuh yay!
I'm sucha dork.
I'm so indecisive.
Ah I forgot. On a more serious note....I drove the car
today for the first time alone...I had lost my
keys..actually they're still lost. I thought they might be
at Starbucks...they weren't but yeah on the way back
home..the car randomly spun out of controll..for once it
was just random..and it was like..Kelly this is what it
feels pay attention..don't fuck up
driving..because you will if you don't make a point not
to..and so I really am going to pay attention. I know that
was a sign.......I automatically thought of the time I was
sitting at Jason's house after he went to work and talked
to his Mom..she was telling me about the time Jason crashed
her brand new mustang...and I saw the look on her face..and
I have seen Jason's face when he talks about it...I don't
think I could handle something like that. So that was
I'm listening to "dancing in the moonlight" ..that thin
lizzy song that the pumpkins re-did. They did a really good
job covering it. It's a beautiful song..happy but sad. It's
one of those caught in the moment things.
I've been raeding this book Alex gave's so great.
I'm tirrrrrrred.