2001-11-02 03:59:01 (UTC)

"1 Full Year"

Robin & Linda were supposed to be going back to Germany in
February. Unfortunately, they're going to be able to stay
the whole school year. I'm all talking to Linda
saying, "Don't you think you'd miss home too much?" and
she's all, "I'll miss them, but I like America." Whatever
rox her boat, dude.

This morning in the library we were sitting on the other
side of the library where we couldn't see Robin. Then when
she sees him come in, she's all like, "I need to go get
some notes from this one girl." Thn Haille came and sat by
me & Jabori, and was all like, "Linda's sitting with
Robin." I was thinking to myself, That little liar! I don't
know why she kisses ass to him so much. She was all
like, "It's just nice to have someone to speak German to."
Well, there are other German people that at that school
that she knows. She just wants to find reasons to be able
to hang around her, but he treats her so bad. It's like
having a spouse abuse you, but staying with him/her because
you're in love. That's exactly what she is. . .in love.

You remember Gabriel? The boy Reyna was supposed to get
with in our biology class? Well, we started talking to each
other a while ago. He's really into poetry and I have to
write poetry for World Lit Honors, so we share our poetry.
He read one of mine and he was in tears because "it was
just so deep, man." He's really cool, tho & he's crazy like

This Halloween was so boring! Atleast I got to see my
husband, Derek Jeter, hit taht game-winning home-rum. I was
so proud of my baby! I was all praying taht the Yankees
would win, and then they did! So I was all in shock. Right
now it's the bottom of the 7th, 2 outs, with the D'Backs
winning 2-0. I'm praying that the Yankees win this game.

I'm going to be putting my poetry on my web-site very soon,
so you can check that out. None of them I did willingly,
but even tho I was forced I did a good job =0) The poem
Gabriel read that he said was deep is called "Fantasies"
(not what you're thinking! take your mind out the gutter!).
He also read my other one which he liked, called "Ode To
Derek Jeter". You know I had to write an ode for my husband!

~*~*God Bless*~*~