"My Wonderful Life"
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2001-11-02 03:37:11 (UTC)

I'm the girl

Well yesterday was halloween and I went to high Point with
C.J., Sarah and Amanda. Sarah and C.J. were twins and they
were punk rockers, and Amanda was a witch. I was the
girl. I had a fun time doing it I got hit on by a LOT of
guys even C.j.'s Grandpa kinda hit on me. I had a fun time
and got lots of candy I seen these group of little kids and
they were like look at that boy dressed up like a girl. It
was funny. I went to this house that was having a party or
something and I went got my candy and this boy/girl thing
called me a loser so i was like freak. It was all good
thought. Then these people in a hay ride thing took my pic
so that was exciting. Then we were I thpougt suppose to go
and see Tiffani cuz if she was going to be nice enough and
lend me her cloths we could at least go visit but we didnt
and Tiffani and Amber said they wanted us to.
FUCK!!!!! we lost again it make me so fuckin mad when
the mutha fuckin line cant block shit. Tyler I am sorry
but he got hurt and I had to go in and I liked that but
they didnt block for a pile of you know what. I got burnt
and they had like a 90 yard TD. That play keeps running
back through my head I just cant get it out of there. The
score at the end was like 34-0. we were shut out for the
first time. I just plain sucked this game. I am going to