The Diary of S
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2001-11-02 03:34:42 (UTC)

My baby is sick. My boyfriend s..

My baby is sick. My boyfriend's mom took him to the
hospital today. She said he had a 103 degree temp. I really
hope he will be ok. Poor thing. Sometimes I just don't know
what to do when he gets sick like this. He didn't want to
sleep last night. I was up with him for half of the night
and my boyfriend was up with him the other. We both hardly
got any sleep. And neither did our baby. :( He is teething.
But I think something else is wrong with him. He's all
congested and he can barely eat from his bottle because he
can't breath from his nose.
I hope he gets better soon. I feel so much better when he
does. It's like I can feel how he feels when he is sick.
So yesterday was Halloween. I took off work because the
baby was sick. I took him to a costume contest and then to
a carnival at this church but then we went to my
boyfriend's mothers house and we just chilled while the
baby got some rest.
It was okay. I was happy I dodn't have to be at work
miserable. I could actually be with my family.

I'm so happy tomorrow is Friday..no school, no work!!!

That's all I really have to write about.
Until Next Time,

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