.Scream Your Dream.

Emo Violence
2001-11-02 03:33:28 (UTC)

yo yo yo

so i think the main source of my entertainment stems from
ethan eagle. dont tell julie, she may just eat me, but come
o, its so damn funny, we watched him do Skip to my Lou for
the play today, twice, i think when he does the whole IF he
dont like biscuits, give her cornbread dealy, haha, my
heart skips a little at the site and if is possible, i am
even MORE shy round him this year. i cant type on this site
tongith, so im out, my "i"s are bein stubborn....

ovvveeerr ovvvverr this Love is over. ozma is really good,
i wish i had some more money to buy good cds ad recs. but i
dont. im poor. i need to make some money, maybe i'll go
back to selling drugs. just kidding, my body will surfice,
im too cynical for the world. yo, this week went fast, and
halloween was rad, we should have halloween every day.

yo, im off school 4 days in nov. thats sauce. cheif.

homeslice is my new fave word.