A Private Place
2001-11-02 03:33:17 (UTC)

It Has Been a While

I have not been here writing in my journal for a few days
because I had gotten sick with a cold - a virus that has
been going around like rapid fire. I got sick on Sunday
and today I still feel kind of weak and not all the
strength has been restored completely. I have a little bit
of a stuffy nose still but it is not unbearable or too
uncomfortable. My sleeping pattern is coming back and
coming back strongly and fast. It is 9 p.m. on Thursday
night, November 1st for me and my body considers this kind
of late for me to be up right now, but I will be going to
bed real soon. I am fairly tired and ready to go to sleep
just about. So I do apologize for not writing in my
journal as often as I have in the past. My life is coming

I will write some more entry later. Good bye for now.