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2001-11-02 03:20:38 (UTC)


I am going to GB to see "Forbidden Planet" and "The Day the
Earth Stood Still" with Tucker tomorrow night! YES! and
then Saturday he is joining the fam to see K-PAX. ^_^ Dad
gave me a lecture because I got a DF in english- good
grades except for two tests. He then goes on to say that he
doesn't think I should be allowed to do anything until I
get good grades. Thank the gods for Moogie. She thinks
since I am caught up in Psychology I can do stuff. *mad
props of love to Moogie* Well I have to go and get some
sleep- gotta get up at 5 to work on my English portfolio-
got some of it done, and I will have to finish it tomorrow
and hand it in. Fuuuun.