Babydoll in Hell

my life with the devils
2001-11-02 03:01:00 (UTC)


dear diary,
as most of u know yesterday was Halloween. i went over
to "A2's" house and this guy over there was so hot!!! o my
god!!! talk about major hottie!!! his name will be "C2."
so anyways hes been talking to "A2" for a long time and not
i think that he likes her and it was and becuase she is the
one that has the boyfriend in britain. im pretty sure i
told u that story. anyways, i went to sit on the couch
because we were gonna watch movies right, and all of a
sudden this thing comes and squishes me against the corner
of the couch and i look over and its "C2" and hes got this
major smile on his face and im like "NO!" cause it was my
couch and it was the couch I always laid on when i go to
her house. so we basically start fighting for it. i mean
this turns into an all out fight. i try to hit him. and i
pull his hair and hes like trying to push me off. he got
mad at me for pulling his hair cause i messed it up. then
he grabs a pillow and starts to hit me with it. i get up,
run away and he lays down. then "A2" picks him up and puts
him on the floor and and she gets on the couch. he takes
this as an invitation to war and so he starts fighting with
her. what i end up doing is while hes pinning her is i come
up behind him and hit him with a pillow. by the end of
this all three of us are on the couch. "A2" on the bottom,
him on top of her, and me lying on top of him. we watched
the movies. by the end of the night i was hooked and now
i know that im gonna get my heart broken. it hurts because
i just got it broken.
always and forever,

p.s.- just in case i didnt tell you about "A2" the story is that she
met this guy while playing pool online. they got to talking and they
fell for eachother. so during the summer hes coming here (my city)
b/c he lives in britain and hell be here for a month and a half so
shes really happy about it.

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