Mandy Kay

Tales of Life as a Good Girl
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2001-11-02 02:59:52 (UTC)


Current music: Mixed Bizness by Beck, quite possibly one of
the best songs ever.
I have not been online in TWO MONTHS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Reminds you of the good ol' days when they didn't even have
the internet, isn't that right kiddies!? Anyway,
That's pretty much the summary of my life lately:
AHHHHHHHHH. Things have been crazy crazy crazy like you
wouldn't believe and don't even wanna hear about. So me
and the guy that I always talked about hooked up like four
times, and then one day he just told me it was too weird
and we hardly talk much, until's been better.
Last night was Halloween and him and his best friend came
over dressed like women. It was so damn scary! I had
nightmares! hehe. so now I like this boy named Matt who
is on the swim team with me. He's the cutest lil thing!
Ok, he's a senior and taller than me, but still he is sooo
cute and I want him!! URRGH! He has like this lisp, I
dunno, I sounds like a freak but it works for him...ahhhh
he's such a cutie!!!! but I digress,
Meanwhile, Noemi has abandoned me and McCall is making me
mad. Nonetheless, as my dad says, I'm not getting my
bowels in an uproar.
I've actually been doing better with my friends, me, Manda
T, Natalie and Fallon hang out a lot. And then you throw
in Daniel and Alex and Casey his goober friends and Chris
and Amy and Anali and Darcy and some of the m/s friends
like the twins and Lindsay...and you come out with a life
that is a lot better than it used to be, taking the current
problems in stride.
Ya'll know me, still the same old g, but I been low
key...and all things considered, I'll be fine. Hope I will
actually get online again soon to keep ya'll posted.