My Lil Angel

The Island of Mommies
2001-11-02 02:43:41 (UTC)

First Entry/11-1-01

So this is the "big first entry". I'm not new to doing
things like this... but to this site... I am new. I have
an online diary at I love that site... but
wanted to see what the other sites are like.
Oh you want to know about me?? I almost forgot.
The name is Angie... put er there:)
I'm 18 and living a happy life right now... only to get
happier. I live with my boyfriend of 2 years. His name
you ask... Carlos... age... 22. The love of my life:) I
wouldn't give him up for anything! We are expecting our
first baby... due to arrive December 1st... but may be here
sooner. I have started dialating so she may not stay in
there much longer. Yes I did say she... that means girl...
and yes girl does have a name:) Kayla Marie. Hmmm what
else am I supposed to tell everyone or myself if no one
reads this?? Well I dunno... I guess I'll just go with the
So the first entry... How did I do??