wRiTiNgS oF a GiRL
2001-11-02 02:14:45 (UTC)

Forget All The Things I Should Have Said...

Well, tomorrow's my birthday. Not too many people will
remember, and I love those who will remember. They're my
true friends, I guess. I'm writing a review for my biology
test, it's on Monday. I had a World Issues test today, it
went alright, got my essay back, got 94%. I'm pretty proud
of myself. :)I have some labs to do. I have to draw
pictures of stems...*yay* Stems are fun! *rolls eyes* Fun
for beating people with :)Basketball's going good, we have
a chance to win the championship, which would be nice. I
went shopping with Melissa tonight, I haven't seen her in a
long time, ever since she went to work at Tim's Eastbound.
I miss her. It was her birthday yesterday, I got her some
balloons. They almost blew away. It was windy out. We had
about 30 kids last night for Halloween. I guess cause it
was raining, alot of people didn't go out. Feeling *blah*
today, quite indescribible. Just ordinary. I'm not sad, but
not happy. I'm neutral, as Adam would say. Not sure why,
just *blah* Having a depressed sorta day. Not very social.
I haven't been social lately. All the people I try to be
social with turn their heads and don't see me. Ah well, I
don't need friends like that anyways. I have all I need
right now. There are people that love me, I can think of a
couple :) Anyways, I'm going to surf around some more, and
end this entry. Catch ya somewhere over the rainbow :)