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2001-11-02 02:03:42 (UTC)

Cleaning Up

We did have fewer trick-or-treaters this year. Only about
thirty. The first year we were here we had almost a
hundred. I think it was because all three churches in town
had parties for the kids in the evening and many parents
felt better doing that than going door-to-door. The boys
didn't mind too much. They get the leftover candies!
I've begun cleaning up inside cupboards and drawers in a
systematic manner so that by the end of the year all of the
"stuff" I have will be organized and accessible. The
problem with having "stuff" which isn't organized is that I
KNOW I have it but I have no idea where it is! This morning
I cleaned out all the drawers in my desk. I used ziploc
bags to put things alike together. All my sewing supplies,
for examples, cards with quilting needles, glue sticks,
quilting threads, little rulers, are all together. All my
Mary Engelbeit cards are in one gallon size bag while all
the envelopes are in another. I have bags with separate
projects in them including the patterns. I also have a
box of stuff I don't know what to do with or which belongs
to John. I'll let him sort through it and decide what to do
with it. I threw lots of trash away. I found a lot of
single postage stamps. I've found things I though I lost;
one was a little metal gardening can charm for a pincushion.
I also discovered I do not need to buy more quilting
needles as I thought I did; I have quite a few packages of
them. It's almost like a treasure hunt! It was a mess
though; it took most of the morning to do.
Stupidity abounds. The dumb comments reporters make
continues to astound me. One suggested to Secretary of
Defense Rumsfield that maybe we should drop leaflets on an
area a few days before we drop bombs so that the civilians
have a chance to get out of harm's way. Rumsfield just
looked stunned at this comment but he answered the reporter,
telling him that if the United States dropped leaflets
informing the population of impending bombing and giving
them time to get out of the way, they would also be warning
the Taliban of the same thing. Well, duh! And these people
are upset because they are not getting all the information
they want about the military strategy before it's
implemented? Well, thank God for that!

I've also heard that the French are insisting that they want
to help more and want to do that be helping to develop
strategy. What! Give me a break! What can they contribute?
These are the people who were overrun by the Germans in
World War I and World War II and needed to be liberated by
the Americans and the British! What do they know about

Then we get the President of the United Nations, who was
just awarded the Nobel Peace prize, saying that the quickest
way to end to end terrorism is to stop attacking the
terrorists. Huh? Has he forgotten who attacked
whom on September 11th?
John made a fire in the fireplace this afternoon and that,
along with the oven being on, has warmed the house up quite
nicely, indeed. Its very cozy in here. As Halloween is now
over, my thoughts are turning towards the holidays more and
more. I was the successful bidder for a dozen vintage
glass tree ornaments on Ebay and have my eye on some snowman
ones as well. It doesn't matter if they show their age; I
think of it as patina. I put these assorted glass ornaments
in crystal glass bowls I've found in thrift stores on tables
around the house during the Christmas season. Very cheery.