life in borderspace
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2001-11-02 01:51:24 (UTC)

the residents of Jerkopolis

So here we are again.....I have finally decided that the
antecedent to catharsis was as I have stated before...but
the reason the whole mess spun out of control did come from
a lack of episode of just not getting
it....couldn't be helped though.....I suppose.....I didn't
explain myself very well and I also know how the thought
process works and should have known that that would have
been the natural reaction...however wrong it was...
hopefully it was, as they say, without malice. Anyways,
residents, I'm not sure there's a need for all that....I am
not food for the sorrow machine. My recreational activities are
always a topic of thought...but here's the deal...I have been told
that recreational activities of this sort have no bearing on anything
of any real substance...that is the choice of who and how and where
etc etc etc is inconsequential and shouldn't reflect on anything
else...if that;s the case then how come when it comes to me and
my "recreational activities" my choice of who and where and why and
how get me stamped with a moral placard (?)...*I* am untrustworthy.
Who thinks this is not of consequence the reason for mentioning it is
to try to figure out why the rules are different for me. Maybe it
doesn't matter....after all it's never about me. Hopefully we
understand each other....hopefully you'll make an effort to....