Ugly on the inside
2001-11-02 01:19:26 (UTC)

EPX group

today was an interesting day but i suppose i'll start with
im still here spite what my last few entries said otherwise.
yestday was halloween and it was awful. I went to work,
came home and then went to bed... too much fun for one
night. i cleaned my room a little too.
today was looking okay.... i finally got aim to work again.
the shittiest day... or one of them.
aparently james was the fucker who wrote the bomb threat.
APARENTLY... i'm not 100%sure but i'm not doubting it that
much either. if it was i'm not going to talk to him if he
was the one. Do you know how many kids think people "like
us" are going to pull columbines? and he goes and pulls
this shit to validify everything they ever thought of us. I
don't want that kind of reputation... i don't care how much
i say i don't care what they think because when it comes to
shit like that, i don't want enemies.
that same block that i found out james supposedly did this
i also got greeted with a disected cows leg.
my history teacher is young and the center of the gossip
mill... all the students love her (that's how i found out
about james) anyways... some anatomy kids were disecting a
cows leg and brought it in to freak her out. she was
running around screaming. it humored me for a while. the
best part was that he left some bloody tendon on her
overhead projector... it was funny. if i die from mad cow
disease, you'll know why