Crazy Thoughts
2001-11-02 00:45:31 (UTC)

Guys, I found my fav song-Last..

Guys, I found my fav song-Last Kiss, by Pearl Jam, here it
is "Last Kiss"

Oh where oh where can my baby be
The lord took her away from me
She's gone to heaven so I got to be good
So I can see my baby when I leave this world
We were out on a date in my daddy's car
We hadn't driven very far
There in the road strait up there
A car was stalled the engine was dead
I couldn't stop so I swerved to the right
I'll never forget the sound that night
The screaming tires the busting glass
The painful scream that I heard last
Oh where oh where can my baby be
The lord took her away from me
She's gone to heaven so I got to be good
So I can see my baby when I leave this world
When I woke up the rain was pouring down
There were people standing all around
Something warm flowing through my eyes
But somehow I found my baby that night
I lifted her head she looked at me and said
Hold me darling just a little while
I held her close I kissed her our last kiss
I found the love that I knew I had missed
Well now she's gone even though I hold her tight
I lost my love my life that night
Oh where oh where can my baby be
The lord took her away from me
She's gone to heaven so I got to be good
So I can see my baby when I leave this world
Woh (x4)
Ohh (x4)

Good song good song. Today was a little weird, I got my
inward somersault, so I'm really happy about that. But
anyways, it was weird because this guy named, well let's
call him Cooker (I'm so creative with these names, i know,
i just don't want anyone to know who it is for many
reasone) came up to me and told me he wanted to fuck me,
and he wasn't joking. The thing is our whole friendship is
based on joking around, etc., and I found it weird he said
this to me. I don't know what it is with guy friends (i
think i have more guy friends than girl friends, i guess i
must posess something I never knew i had, hehe)
Anyways, I put the song in my entry tonight because I just
heard it, Adam and I were discussing our fav songs earlier.
Last night when I was over at Libby's for a while, I was
like stratling the pool table to make this hard shot and
the peaches and cream song by d12 or whoever was on and Lib
asked me if i was thinking about wesley (it was one of
those at the moment things)but yea.
I seem to be in a happier moof than I've been in the past
couple of days. I sweat I'm a basketcase, I used to be
somewhat depressed and then I went out with this Matt guy
off/on for a whole year, realized I was getting screwed
over, moved on to a whole new group of friends, focused on
only sports and school, spontaniously meet wesley and have
been a cheerful person ever since two weeks ago when I
mentally started feeling like crap probably because of
stress and now I feel better. (that was a summary of the
past three years of my life) I wasn't seriously depressed
or anything, I just wasn't always feeling that great about
anything, then I got some self esteem and new friends (that
weren't sluts/stoners) and now life is a peach again. (What
is it with me and peaches tonight?!) Ya know what I mean,
life sucks sometimes but once you pull through, see the
light at the end of the tunnel, you're a whole new person
and it feels so good, an amazingly heavenly blissful
emotion that moves you so dramatically, it's like something
you've never felt before because it has been such a long
time. Okay enough of this shit, I am once again mentally
stable and good for the rest of my life.
On to a lighter subject, I'm getting a B in Honors
English, errrr, that makes me mad, I need As!!!!! I'm such
a little dumbshit! Sorry but I push myself way too much, so
to me a B is a big deal to me. All you who know what
that's like, I'm feeling the pain...j/k, common saying of
mine. Well I need to get going, I have a shitload of
homework to do!
love y'all,
ps-Adam, wha'da ya want boy?? i know you b wanting my hot
ass! lol!! j/k!! I know you want me because you love my
ghetto wannabe talk!! lol Rachy-poo (my Crak ho) and
tripple r 2 da m (Rissa) By the way, Rissa and Adam are
back to being tight again, just not "involed" which I'm
accepting....slowly. Another relationship pile of dog poop,
Rach and Hui broke up long ago-old news-but Hui is going
out with this girl named bri who is really weird, and it's
fucked because Hui said he still liked Rach but he's going
off with Brie, I'd think it would take him time to get over
Rach, but my friends just have issues! I'm glad I'm with
Wesley, I really do love him, and we don't have these
little ordeals going off with other peeps. Anyways, I
really need to go. Wait, Adam might hook up with this one
girl, Karen, that's tight, he needs some love in this world
from someone besides me and he needs to be laid because his
testostorne is stronger than my sex drive (that's really
ironic) Emm..K later!