What's up now?
2001-11-02 00:40:08 (UTC)

Wow...what a nightmare!

I swear to god last night was the worst!! Bad bad
night....For details you can ask me...Anyways it was
halloween. I dressed as Prostitute Barbie, Rachel as Hoe
Devil, and Erin and Janet as two of the HOTTEST army chicks
around :) It was good fun....for like 1 hr...We blame the
full moon. yep! Oh well. I looked hot! I'm excited for
the weekend. I finally get to see Trish who I havent seen
in like 2 months! And J and Brian too :) Brian and I will
be having a serious talk but its all going to be fine :) I
hope. I cant wait :) I miss everyone at home SOO much!
And I get to see my parents, who dont exactly know I am
coming home. So yea! They'll be excited!!
Hehehe...Alright well thats enough for me, I'm about to be
sick.....Hope everyone else had a better day than I did...