Amber's book of stuff...
2001-11-02 00:11:18 (UTC)


I have just found out that my friend, one I have
had for 2 years, now hates me b/c I found out that she had
wrote in her journal about me. it had a lot of stuff in
there that I do not apriciate... like saying that I am a
hoe... that I flirt with my ex and that he hates me and
likes her not me.. when I know that he still likes me and
the only reason he broke up with me is because someone told
him I was gonna break up with him..yeah I guess you can say
that I was a little mad... but oh well, she can have him
now. I have a NEW boyfriend who is really nice to me and
cares about what I want and do. Some people can be so
nice.. others so mean... But anyway if you are reading this if you
want to comment or whatever e-mail me at
[email protected]
thank you and good-bye...