A Mind of Confused Thoughts
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2001-11-02 00:02:09 (UTC)

Good Charlotte Concert! Damn!

Okay yeah well I was supposed to be going to the GC concert
tonight, and I was gunna see Greg and I was really excited
and I was happy, and I was talking to him on the phone when
Lindsay calls and she tells me that her mom doesn't wanna
go. Its 3 hours before the concert and she decideds shes
not going to take us!! She was our only ride! And she
decides that she doesn't wanna go anymore!!!
Am I pissed?? JUST A LITTLE!!!! UGH!
Okay now, about this journal thing.. I have at the least 5
other journals not including this one. What can I say, when
I'm bored I go exploring the net, and I like to just
randomly do things... I don't know how this works so I'm
going to try and explore this place a little more.
And I think I wrote an entry in my notes section or
somthing.. This is really confusing.. Oh well.