lindsay ann

somewhere in between
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2001-11-01 23:39:40 (UTC)

good morning, sunshine

haha that just reminds me...tell me how great of a way this
is to be greeted in the morning:

"oh gosh, lindsay. don't you have any makeup or something
you can put on your face? somnething to make you look
alive? you look so pale!"

OUCH!! words mother, yes.

ahh i had a big dumb epiphany and it was really
convicting. i realized that when stuff happens (like
whatever is happening now) i always just think, "no one
knows what i'm going through. i have an excuse to act
dumb/rude/grumpy/depressed/etc..." but what i realized is
this: this "stuff" i'm going through IS MY LIFE. i can't
expect for things to get better or say that i have a
temporary reason to be stupid, cuz i don't. every day that
i live is a part of my life, and it's not like this
part "doesn't count" or something. no i say.

so this bums me cuz hey i need to figure out how to be in a
good mood when i am in a bad one. obviously the sunday
school answer is God. i know it, ok?? and i can trust in
Him and all, but sometimes it's hard to act joyful when you
don't feel joyful.