A Dream Gurlz Life
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2001-11-01 23:26:09 (UTC)

can anyone help?? i dont know what to do

October 28, 2001
Well tonight Nick(my ex boyfriend) and I went to six flags.
It was supposed to be me, him, Lori and one of his friends
but Lori ended up not being able to go and then his friend
ended up not being able to go. So it was just me and Nick.
we went and picked him up and i really didnt talk much on
the way from his house to six flags. Like when we got there
we were in line for the Villian and this guy Mike came up
and started talking to us it was kinda funny. He was asking
us what colleges we went to and stuff but yet we arent in
college He kept getting really close to me and crap and
Nick was like I think he wants ya haha Then Nick told me
that he really missed hearing my voice i was like awwwww
lol We went to stand in line for the Trail of Terror and
like as we were standing there he put his arms around me
and stuff. Cuz like when we were on the SUperman hes like
lets hold hands cuz itll look cute so as we went through
the trail he held my hand and stuff and he liked kissed the
top of my head and my hand and stuff it was so cute :) i
dont know he was being really sweet and kept saying how
much he missed me and like gave me the biggest hug ever and
said he missed me sooo mcuH! i thought i was going to cry
lol I realized how much i really do miss him thats kinda
why I think that it was a mistake for going cuz now i'm
afraid of liking him again and getting hurt :( i dont know
like he wants to go to the movies sometime when we took him
home me nad him sat in the back seat just like old times
and i had my head on his shoulder and stuff and when we got
to his house i went to give him a hug and he gave me the
biggest hug every and picked me up and spun me around then
he gave me a kiss it was so great we were both glad to see
how well it worked out cuz i guess he was nervous just like
me to see how things would go but it all worked out and i
guess we are going to try and do something this weekend
everything seemed to go perfect til i got to school monday:
WEll this girl ANgie *who was supposed to be somewhat of a
friend* kissed Nick at a party I brought him to while we
were going out. it was bad and all but i got over it and
she continued to bring it up and crap and wanted to be
friends or w/e but i dunno and i guess she likes him...i
dont know but this girl from my school saw nick and i at
six flags and went and told angie we were all over each
other when in fact when i saw her we werent even standing
next to get other *roling eyes* but i guess Angie was
really upset about it which in fact she really shouldnt be
mad for me hanging out w/him and i know she is but we are
friends and yes i believe i still do like him a little but
like i gues she started cutting her arms and like i feel
like its all my fault in a way even though everyone says
its not then like sabrina told me the next day that angie
had a bandaid *which i saw* but angie showed sab and
supposedly she carved a "N" in her hand *for Nick* i didnt
wanna believe it but then the following day a school we
were getting outta class and i saw it. It hurt me to know
she'd do something like that. Like if she likes him fine
but she has to do stuff like that knowing itll hurt me jsut
as much and like i was talking to Sab and her mom on teh
way home and I told them that if I knew that it would have
caused this much trouble i just wouldnt have gone and hung
out with him but they told me that i should think like that
because i have just as much right to hang out w/him than
anyone else and that she shouldnt do that crap She had also
told Nick she had cancer again *she used to have it a long
time ago but its gone now* and we know she doesnt but shes
telling him that for attention and thats a really bad thing
to do she shouldnt take that for granite that its gone cuz
she keeps making up lies like that and it might just happen
again though i hope it doesnt but i really dont know what
to do!!?!?!? we talkeda little today but i dont know It
hurts me so bad thats shes going and cutting herself and if
she does it again me and Sab are going to the guidance
couselor cuz i dont know what else she'll do But does
anyone have advice for me??? I am so confused and Dont know
what to do anymore! like now i'm just sitting here crying
to some it might sound stupid but i dont know