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2001-11-01 23:21:40 (UTC)

Prep vs. Punk

My school is so weird. Well im beginning to think its not
so strange... it must be like this in most high schools
around the counrty. People get treated differrent because
of the way they look, dress, talk, etc. and it is becomming
a normal part of life. Even i just said it... its not so
weird anymore. And it should be.
Ok there was this guy that was in my first block last 9
weeks and he sat about 2 desks away from me and the boy
never talked. He never talked to anyone, which was fine
cuz some people just dont talk. I didnt really think
anything of it but i should have. I should have taken a
few minutes out of my morning to talk to the guy. He
looked like he would be a really awesome guy but i guess i
was worried what he would think of me if i just randomly
talked to him. Thats really something i need to work on.
Not worrying about what other people think. Now i really
dont think he would have minded at all cuz today he was
with this guy that is in my first block this 9 weeks and
they like stopped me to check out my bag (it has like beads
and patches and a bunch of like random stuff on it) which
was awesome and fine with me just new people to talk they
are punk which makes it even sweeter... but get this... After i
reconized him he was like "do you even know my name?" Well i
didnt... i did when we were in class together but that was 2 weeks
ago and i hadnt given him another thought plus im really really bad
with names. Well anyhoo he was like "Didnt figure so. You never
talked to me anyways. You were over there with all you king and
queen friends having your own little conversations. Your to good for
me arnt you." and i went... "I'm not a queen nor do i want to be
treated like one" and he goes... "well then your friends are." i
guess what really bothered me the most is that he automaticly thought
that just because i dress preppy that i think im the queen of the
world and that i think im better than everyone else. At our school
people tend to be VERY rude to people who arnt in their group and i
am in no way like that. I love talking to anyone and everyone i can.
its enjoyable for me. :) Plus A WHOLE LOT of my friends are of the
punk and goth origin and i love them all to death. Its the
sterotypical ways of everyone in this world that bothers me the
most. Ive been called a poser before because my bag and my
preferance of music is punk BUT i dress preppy... not Abracrombie and
fitch preppy but preppy. Heres the thing... If i dressed punk i
would be more of a poser because thats not who i am... i am not a
punk. And whats the point in being something that your not. I like
the way i dress and if that means that i cant listen to punk music
and decorate my bag or wear skate sweatshirts when i want to then
forget everyone else... if they think im a poser than so be it cuz im
not gonna worry aobut what other people think. If you cant be who
you really are than whats the point.
well anyhoo im worried about the guy hating me and ive made a
decision... i will to my best to make amends and if it doesnt work
and he still doesnt accept me then thats fine and im just going to
decide not to care. I will have made an effort and after that it is
out of my hands. I will not be rude. I will be very nice and i will
not let what he thinks bother me. I know who i am and thats all that
really truely matters.... tho its nice to have others know who you
are too. :) I think till the end of time it will always be prep vs.
punk and nerdy vs. popular etc. There is nothing wrong with any of
these groups. What is wrong is they ways that they protray
themselves that gives the sterotypes... sometimes i wish the world
was perfect and everyone accepted everyone else despite their
differences... but thats to much to ask in a world where differences
count the most.

"I thrive on being different. It makes life so much more interesting."
"Dont lable me..."

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