.Scream Your Dream.

Emo Violence
2001-11-01 23:14:09 (UTC)

last night

so my head's still spinning about what happened nearly 24
hours ago...

so will jarred jim and i went trick or treating along with
various other tag along or pop around freinds, so that was
fun, before i hung at jim's met his mom and saw his house,
that was cool.

anyway, so then we went out, had an ok time getting a bunch
of free candy and stuff, will left early to hang with the
bunnies, they were being especialyl slutty, so whatever, i
dont think i could take megan tetu's thonged ass one more

so we kept goin, went back to will's around 9 after being
spotlighted by the cops and more, so anyway, we went back
and jarred and will left around 9:30 to go to megans to
hang with teh wanna me whores... whatever so that leaves me
and jim chillin at will's pad, which was decent. so
anyway, we were hangin there and cuddeling and sleeping
together till a little before 11 when will and jarred came
back and busted it up, haha, anyway, we left around 11 and
got home at a decent hour though i was downright

so this mornign i wake up sooo tired, and slept in till
7:15 crazy. almost missed the bus but fuck it school was

christine lost her virginty last night, does this scare
anyone else besides me?? what the fuck, she once asked me
how to give a hand job and she fuckin fucked lee last
night, crazy, he didnt come to school today, if he leaves
her, i'll feel sad for her, thats a shame.

chop suey on now. ok.

i have no time to *chill* and relax anymore, maybe
saturday? prolly not.

so after school i got some food and went home, dad bitched,
but whatever.

i skipped 7th today to hang with jim in study hall, that
was fun, he kept feeling my leg and telling me about this
spot, that if you touch it, its like crazy tickle. i got
his. anyway that was all for today i think. oh i dont
remember. needed to get all that out, jim has been in my
head lately. "please send me anything but singles that are

whatever, i just split a smirnoff with my brother, why am i
drinking when i have stage crew in 1 minute, oh man. fuck
me. haha

jay from westeren PA, if you are reading this, kisses, and
i will call you as soon as i can. xoxox later.