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2001-11-01 23:04:10 (UTC)

Thursday 11-1-01



Diary is such a girly word, isn't it. Yikes. Anyway, I
started this because I'm bored today. Beware: I like to say
four letter words.

I went to classes, got all my stuff done for the week, and
now...well, I want a job. Too much free time.

Today Dan called. He hasn't visited in about 6 or 7 weeks.
I rarely hear from him, unless I go to Bogart's where he
works. I was dripping wet in the shower when he called, so
I had to run to get the phone. My floor got all wet. He's
mad that I'm on the internet so often...go figure. Heh.
Either way, I consider him one of my best friends up here.

I got a test back today in fundamentals of health. I did as
I expected: 26 out of 40. Until now, I've had an A in the
class. I was more pissed off that I ripped the pantleg of
my jeans a little when I went to go get it than the grade,
though. Today's been a pretty shitty day. I felt kinda
unsure today when I went and handed in my newscast in
journalism, too...I didn't work very hard on it, and like
any other big paper, I did it the night before it was due.

Plus, to add to the day, my funds are rapidly decreasing. I
owe Rebecca $20, and she's probably gonna want it pretty
soon. My checking account has about 30 in it. Plus, my
pantry's getting empty.

I'm watching a pretty trashy show right now...Dismissed. I
watch it sometimes because...well...the chicks, man. Oh

Tonight I'm watching Friends and ER. Oh yeah, and the
Yankees game. Awesome ending last night.

I'm hungry...time for some leftover Chinese soon. My
brother Ted comes over in a half hour or so.

Debating on whether or not I should go to Argumentation
tomorrow. It's my only class, at 2, but I probably will go
since I have to go on-campus tomorrow anyway for lunch.
Sometimes I'm glad I'm not living TOTALLY hand-to-mouth
lately. If just read this and know what I look like, you'd
know what I mean.

Not sure what I'm doing this weekend. Not going to the fall
concert, 'cause I'm not too fond of Lil' Kim...except her
boobies. The boobies are okay. I want to drink a lot and
get drunk on Friday only and get work done Saturday, but I
know it'll probably happen Saturday too. Either way, work
will get done. I want to buy a case of Magic Hat #9 and
drink like, ten of them tomorrow night. That would
definitely be overindulgence, 'cause it costs about $24 a
case. Greg and I saw a keg of it at the bait shop last
weekend, and we estimated it probably costs $70. I would
freak if it were a Christmas present.

That's it for now.

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