Realizations of a 24yr old convict
2001-03-17 11:54:25 (UTC)

much respect to all who read ..

much respect to all who read
please read entry #1

everythings about perspective i,ll probly ramble alot
about prespective.this is called the snapple incedent.I
went to the 7 {i like 7 11s cause they all have the same
feel no matter how far from home you are the 7 is a fimilar
feeling like star bucs Ill write more about coprate coffie
later}so in the seven i saw a snapple kiwi strawberry f.y.i.
i used to drink them everyday so when i get to the registier
the lady says $1 and i get so stoked like fuck some shit
never changes and i'm so happy i walk out just grinning.
then i start to think about it and Im like fuck I just
spend $1 on a glass of kool aid and i think i got a good
deal or some shit.Rad ass kool aid you get the fat picher
for like 19 cents.
then apon rethinking the situation i thought if i was in
the desert and came apon a bartering station and the next
town was a days walk if i had to give all the money in my
wallet 84$ as we speak for a small glass of water let alone
the kiwi strawberry thirst quencher It'd be the best 84$ i
ever spent.with that thought i took a fat drink and drove
away with a smile on my face.
stay positive