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2001-11-01 22:44:00 (UTC)

boys of wisdom & chino hills

ok so i was talking to my bud michael yesterday, and he was
just sharing his usual wisdom with me. it was jolly. and
then we started talking about guys and girls and all that
cute stuff. and he was talking about this girl he likes,
and the wisdom he said was this: "she's a cool girl. she's
smart and she's a christian and she's sweet. she's not
just one of those dumb girls you date, she's the kind of
girl i want to marry."

and this gave me hope & despair. hope because boys aren't
all bad. hope because they sometimes use their brains and
know what really counts in a girl. sometimes. but also,
it brings despair since he acknowledged that the kind of
girl guys want to date is the superficial one. that is
disappointing considering that i kinda need to date before
i get married...haha or maybe that's my old-fashioned

hey we had a race in chino hills yesterday and i did okay.
i medaled and i made 2nd team all-league, which is fun. i
got a round of applause in my history class today.

i also was asked by my english sub if i was thomas hardy's
daughter. if you don't know hardy's poetry, let me tell
you that it ain't quite a compliment. this guy was a
depressed fatalist. ahhh i love that fact that people view
me like that.

well school is alllmoooost over and then BK and i get to go
home and do homework. ahh sounds fun.

i'll probably write more in here later. but for right now
i forget what all i was gonna write. ahh thank goodness
the weekend is coming up. oh but i have that stupid
muscular test tomorrow and it's gonna stiiiiink. ahaha