I cannot believe this is my life.
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2001-11-01 22:08:25 (UTC)


Well. Maryl told Kevin off. Finally. Acually she wrote him
off. Hes been obsessing over her forever. He wrote her
another note, asking if she'll date him. Even though she
has a boyfriend of 11 months, and Erica is totally in love
with him. Sick sick sick. Hes such a poser. Its pathetic.
When Maryl told Erica her views on Sara M. (Maryl thinks
she shallow), Erica just stared at her, like she didnt hear
her right. Sara is shallow. Shes just clothing, nothing
else. Erica worships her because shes "punk". I think Erica
needs to get over him. Hes not worth it. Why date a guy
with such low standards? Hes so full of hormones, that he
freaks out and fakes heart attacks. Hes just a horny shit
who has a crush on everyone and "loves" everyone. I bitched
him away. I was the first one completely sick of him. Then
Maryl and Brandi followed. This little sophie keeps hanging
around him. Shes a "Sam" ("Sam" = Sniffling little bitch
who hates anyone who messes with there old property. Shes a
last-year nerds, skinny and not cute.) The real Sam told
Kevin not to date a whore, Brandi. Brandi is NOT a whore.
Shes still a virgin. She says she did have sex with Jessup,
but I think she old said that to make Maryl feel better.
Blah blah blah.

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